Saturday, 25 February 2012

The rest of the menagerie

Yes, there's more...

Meet Baillie, our 5 year old Dogue de Bourdeaux. She is way too smart for her own good.

Her partner in crime is Roman. He's 3 years old and a bit simple in the head. In fact, some days he doesn't even know his own name.

So, one day when I was trying to clip Baillie (we clip them to minimise the risk of paralysis ticks which are deadly to cats and dogs) and he was giving me the shits, I gave him a quick clip. He walked around that like for a couple of weeks!

Baillie and Roman protect our house and keep away the snakes with their snoring. Man, can they snore. They get on well with the donkeys and chickens so we have no troubles there. But, there is something that Roman loves more than anything...

It's Moet, the youngest member of the family. She's a rescue kitten and is about 8 months old now. Because she is cream coloured, she is an inside cat. The local eagles would get her in a heartbeat if she was outside. We have had this happen to chickens in the past and it is horrific.

Finally, Moet's best friend in the whole world is another pound special, TC. He's a fat bastard. Originally he was called TC to represent Tough C*** (I didn't name him that) but he didn't work out that way, being a total wus, so his name is officially Tabby Cat. This picture of TC pretty much sums up what he does all day.

Then there's a couple of kids and us...

On top of that we have lots of native animals that come and visit and the occasional unexpected visitor like the piglet that turned up one night. Ended up being the neighbours so I was very happy to give it back to stop the echo's of "can we keep it, can we keep it".

[This posting is bought to you by our sponsor, Samford Vet (kidding, but they do make a small fortune out of us)]