Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MOTH's caffeine habit

OK, we've had the A team for more than a year now. So, there was originally 6 that quickly went to 5 and then 1 turned out to be a rooster on Good Friday (obviously an oman) of whom I returned and exchanged for two more chooker moles... 6 again.

Then there was the great incident of November 2011 when Peep (a very small - smaller than a bantam - white chooker mole with a very big attitude) got devoured by a big python. The others were so shell shocked that they insisted in laying in my tomato patch - or were they just saving me the trip to the chook palace on a Saturday morning omelette hunt? Anyway... the python came back a few weeks later and Iwas terrified into a stance of pure fear by my screaming "Snaaaaakkkkkkeeeee" (of which MOTH apparently identified as non venomous from my cries). Sid was then coaxed to move back up the mountain where he came from, given my COMPLETE phobia of the species, to live another day as a slow moving, territorial reptile that would keep the other nastier ones away.

STUPID Sid came back just days later to "rest" in said tomato patch to capture the chicken or the egg, whatever came first. Long story short but MOTH saw red, got very angry and Sid's head fell off!

The chooker moles now happily (OK, after a little re assimilation) lay in the chook palace and the world is as it was... BUT... MOTH has recently discovered that there is a massive supply for organic eggies where he works AND he can get $5 a dozen for them (I was giving them away to friends). He has now directly attributed this to his caffeine consumption in the coffee shop downstairs and mortified that the eggies go anywhere else, except towards his lush fund. Sorry, friends and colleagues at work, MOTH has taken over my supply...

I feel dirty... like a drug dealer...