Sunday, 23 March 2014

More comings and goings @ Clear Mountain

I was watching TV on Friday night and flicked through my Facebook account. There was a post from a friend saying that she had just witnessed a bloke pull up outside her apartment at Redcliffe and let a dog out of the car and drive away. I was horrified. My friend rushed down to the busy road to find a very scared boxer trying not to get run over. She took him back up to apartment but knew she would have to take him to the pound in the morning. He was a sweet thing, very friendly and old.

I saw the photo of him and immediately asked MOTH if we could foster him. Surprisingly he said yes. She took him to the pound and he has no microchip and they were more than happy for me to take him as they well bulging at the seams with animals.

So long story short... Meet Jeff the Boxer.

He has fit in really well with the cats, dogues, chooker moles and donkeys. You should have seen Max's face when 3 red dogs walked into the house - who knew… cats can count! We went to the vet for a checkup and we agreed he is about 8 years old. Need a few more tests on his heart tomorrow but he is otherwise in good health, albeit very skinny (won't take long to fix that).

On the goings front, SirLoin has left our farm but he didn't make it to the butcher (I had to call and cancel). One of our neighbours has seriously fallen in love with him and so I agreed to sell him. He will have a long and happy life with his new BFF, Devon.

I also did a random walk around my poorly loved garden and found a few surprises. Tomatoes ready to be eaten (I haven't planted tomatoes for about a year), a couple of cute little capsicum, lemons (a little green but someone else has been picking them - me thinks of the animal kind) and some wild guava down at the dam (makes awesome chutney).

Am off now to don the latest fashions in whipper snipper and trim the electric fence line around the paddock. No doubt my two long eared friends will be there to help.

Oh, and my friend's premmie mini foal, Dumbledore, now has his own Facebook page -

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Glam gardening

I took some advice from a fellow blogger (am so sorry, can't remember who it was) yesterday and glammed up my gardening outfit with a couple of flowers in my hair.

Funny, it makes you feel a whole lot different...

The water fountain is going strong and the 30+ fish I've put in it are growing well. 

Need some advice on whether I'll be OK to eat them. Someone said they could become toxic - no idea how. The water is pretty clear all of the time, there are plenty of water plants in it (all healthy) and I top it up every weekend with fresh water from the tanks (no chemicals there). The water is continuously reticulated through the fountain. Any thoughts?

Am loving the sound of the new rooster...

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Oh, and I got my truck licence

The comings and goings of Clear Mountain

Life has been pretty busy the past few months and my blogging has suffered.

We've had some new editions to the farm like Red Rooster, rescued from the local vet after he was found dumped. He's settled in really well and is quite taken with his 9 new girlfriends. Interestingly they are now wandering further from the house with him looking after them.

Unfortunately it hasn't stopped the chooker moles from laying eggs wherever they want.

On the goings front, the butcher has been booked for SirLoin. I'm no longer posting photos of his face because the backlash is too much. Seriously, some people really think meat comes from a supermarket. He was bought for meat and that's where he's going - into my new chest freezer.

I suppose the lesson to be learnt is make sure the next one is ugly.

He's also done the rounds of the valley this week, introducing himself to all of the neighbours - which hasn't helped with my plans for his destiny. He's currently bunking up with the neighbours Friesian steer for a few weeks until D day because he has no respect for the electric fences at our place.

The donkeys are happy. Am sure they would like a bit more grass at the moment (it's so dry) but with SirLoin taking leave, hopefully the competition will be a little less.

There's been another little miracle arrival - not here but at my friend's place - a miniature colt, 6 weeks premmie. Called Dumbledore, cause he was a Dummy Foal and is (according to the vet nurses) adorable, he's managed to struggle through the first three weeks of his life thus far.

Dumbles, as he's now known, has splints on his legs because his kneecaps haven't formed yet. He obviously has quite a few other internal organs that aren't also 100% functioning but he's such a little trouper. He was only 7kg when born and rides around in the passenger footwell of his mums car.

Anyway, gotta' get cracking - there's lots to do today. Hope you have a great day.