Saturday, 25 February 2012

Peeping Donkeys

Neighbours called yesterday morning, "Your donkeys are at our house".

The boys have obviously worked out that the electric fence is not turned on (note to self: TURN ON THE BLOODY FENCE).

"But they're OK, they'll be fine down here", says said neighbour. Next minute there's photos on Facebook of them enjoying carrots and playing with their dog - too funny! They are obviously not in a hurry to return.

The other thing is "down here" is exactly that. Our driveway, which passes their place down on the road, is more than 800m long and incredibly steep. It's too steep to easily walk down, let alone up!

Oh, and Guinness has taken a shining to their wee dog, Millie. He has also developed a nasty habit of peering in through their windows - who'da thought I had a Peeping Donkey on my hands?

So, while it's still pouring rain (has been raining for two days now), I will don my coat and start my journey down to reclaim my donkeys. Guinness will walk on a lead rope and Irwin just follows. I think he's too worried about being left alone. A legacy from his earlier days before I rescued him, poor soul.

MOTH (Man of the House) suggested we just leave them there but they can easily walk out onto the road and that could end up very bad. So, I'll post this and head on down the hill.