Sunday, 4 November 2012

Gosh, it's been a while...

I just realised this morning that I miss my blog.

I've been so busy the past few months (literally fighting fires, etc.) that I haven't taken the time to reflect and share on what's been happening in my world.

Moet is really toughing it out this morning, lying next to me as I write this in bed (it's Sunday)...

And she's not the only one... I caught Baillie this morning sleeping on the daybed on the deck - bad dog! She knew it too and got straight off before a good old fashioned telling off.

I spent most of yesterday working on one of my major projects - the boundary fence between us and the neighbours. The current fence is 50 years old (I know the old bloke who put it in, he's now 90) and it's probably on the steepest part of the mountain. If I had a dollar for every time I slipped and lost my footing yesterday, I'd be rich. Anyway, after pondering on  this for some time (bought about by my fear of snakes mainly) and looking at the outsourcing option (holy cow - I only asked for a quote for a fence), I bit the bullet and decided to do it myself. Having said that, I'm not replacing the fence - it's too expensive. I have installed a star picked double hotwire fence. No mean feat, given I had to carry the 25kg star picket driver up and down the hill with me, let alone continuously lift it above my head to smash in the pickets. Today I will go down it again and trim back the branches and grass so it doesn't short out and then again with the weedkiller, just to make sure nothing grows too close to the fence.

And after all of that effort, the donkeys will have a safer home. (We went on holiday recently and they decided they would too. So they have been in the front paddock for the past few weeks.) Now, with the new fencing, they will not be able to go anywhere. I've missed my long ears being up at the house.

My next project is a new palace for the chooker moles. The current one (made in China, arrived in kitset form with no instructions) is going to fall down in the next storm without a doubt. MOTH says, "Don't worry, we'll recoup" [boom-tish].

But I have grand plans. I've bought an old kids swing set (ebay), which will form the basis for the new A frame palace. I have also bought some lovely old pieces of carved wood (ebay) to add some features and... a chandelier (actually I bought a chandelier frame and them some old crystals off ebay, so I hope they will go together). Then once it's finished, I'm going to plant a passionfruit along side. It'll definitely be rustic.

Well, had better get up and cracking. I have dogs to wash, fencelines to trim and spray...