Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Happy (late) new year

Hi guys

Firstly I am so sorry that I have been sooo slack with getting into the groove of my blog. It's not like I don't have much to share, more that I haven't really had the time to share it.

So, as promised I will start with some pictures.

This is Irwin. He's a Jerusalem Cross donkey who came to us as a rescue donkey. He is about 13 years old (they live to be about 50) and is extremely shy - remnants of his past experiences. He lives in the paddock next to our house with Guinness (see below).

Guinness is a little Irish donkey who is much smaller than Irwin. He is also a rescue donkey and is about 5 years old. He is definitely a spoilt little teenager and is the dominant of the two boys.

OK, now for the chooker moles...

Meet Red Chook, Not As Red Chook, Black Chook and Lulubell. They're the A team.
And here's the B team, new editions to the chook palace.

These girls came to live on the mountain a few weekends ago and have not yet got names. Will happily receive any suggestions.

So this is the "farm" animals, I will introduce you to the domestic critters soon. Yup, there's more...

Please feel free to ask me any questions at any time, I really enjoy sharing what we learn along the journey.