Sunday, 5 January 2014

It's a fine line

Well HELLO THERE and sorry it's been so long. To say I've been busy is probably an understatement  (and a conversation for another time). Let's just say that I have finally recognised that sometimes I wear too many hats.

Over the past few days we have had record breaking temperatures here in South East Queensland and Clear Mountain hasn't been missed. There have been major bushfires on nearby islands, and my fire brigade have been actively involved. Similarly, I have been to a couple of fire callouts as well over the past few weeks - seriously who lights a fire on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas night! [jumps off soapbox]. So I've worn my helmet much more than one would expect at this time of year.

I'm sitting here now watching the serious smoke wash over the mainland from the Stradbroke Island fires, visibility is limited and the smell is very strong. It's everywhere. I was asked to go over there yesterday for a few days but decided not to wear that hat.

Anyway… I have been thinking about how fortunate we are to have the fine line of (dare I say it...) harmony at our home. It's a very very fine line, which can be thrown out of kilter without a warning. I have two cats and two large dogues that all get on and (generally) adore each other. The two cats and two dogs that don't seem to worry about chooker moles (who are closely guarded by two donkeys). Our newest addition, the Miniature Galloway steer, is also discretely guarded by the donkeys, who generally don't like to share - an interesting relationship developing here.

The cow accommodates for the dogs and seems to be more worried about sharing with the chooker moles. Max the cat has also developed an interesting relationship with Guinness, the donkey. BTW - Max thinks he's a dog and I've been able to train him to come, sit and lie down. Hmmm.

This fine line also runs into our gardens. I've installed 600mm chain wire fence as a boundary for all garden beds and the chooker moles can jump it but just don't. I have never seen them in the vege garden but have occasionally seen them in one of the other garden beds. It's a fine line.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to pretty myself up after two weeks of leave and put on another hat - the one that makes me the money (very important hat). Soon I'll put on some other hats that represent various organisations and associations I'm involved with also. Maybe I'll take a couple off - who knows… that's also a fine line.

But as we enter the new year I have a feeling of accomplishment - I've achieved heaps in the past year and even the past two weeks. Can't wait for the rest of 2014 to BRING IT ON!