I've always been a horse lover. But my accident prone, damaged body has determined that my riding days are over. So, when the opportunity came to become a carer for rescued donkeys, I jumped at the chance and have never looked back.

We have two geldings, Guinness and Irwin. Together they have all sorts of adventures and don't like to be apart.

Playing peeping tom at the neighbours place (about 1km away - they had escaped)
Trying to break into the old chicken shed to steal the chook food (which is very bad for donkeys)
Guinness is an Irish donkey and is now about 7 years old. Donkeys live to be about 50 so he's a naughty little teenager donkey at the moment but sooo cute. He can be super cheeky but put a child in front (or on top) of  him and he's the prefect little gentleman. He's not very big (about 125kg) and is very easy to handle.

Guinness in his winter rug (he doesn't know it's pink)

Guinness pretending to be a wild Clear Mountain donkey
Irwin is a bit older, about 14. I don't know much about his history other than to say that he was rescued on the day that Steve Irwin died with another donkey who is now called Steve. He was rehomed with 4 other donkeys to a cattlefarm near Boonah, where he lived for a few years before the ladies there could no longer handle the big donkey, Irwin. He's a large donkey (about 215kg) and really has some trust issues. I'd hate to think what had happened to him, it's taken me years to get him to trust me and we have only recently started taking steps on a lead rope. He has a long way to go before this lovely creature will be rid of his demons.

He was very overweight when he first came to live here. Now he's just overweight.

Soaking wet Irwin with his favourite winter rug (he doesn't know it's pink either)
Irwin's summer coat is much smoother than his long, shaggy, teddy bear like winter coat
Irwin's winter coat
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