Sunday, 28 July 2013

Beware of the animals

Been busy

Keets didn't come back.

We're starting to get more eggs from the chooker moles.

The gardening blog thing I've joined has guilted me back into gardening again (which I'm actually loving).

Irwin walked on a lead rope last weekend for the first time - has only taken 4 years.

MOTH and I are heading to Vanautu in the morning for a well earned rest. And it's raining and the washing is all still wet and hanging in the garage and I have nothing packed yet...

Citrus is all about to ripen so it'll be major production for marmalade very soon.

The Garden Share Collective - August 2013

Hi all

Well, the garden share collective has actually motivated me to get gardening. If only I had more time.

I did manage to get a trailer load of organic soil for the vege garden.

I got the first two beds sorted that day, although I had plenty of help.

Guinness and Irwin helped me with the weeding last weekend and getting the last of the soil in the garden. Only problem is I could do with another trailer load - didn't have enough to finish the job.

Who'da known donkeys like lemongrass clippings
They also did a bit of lawn mowing for me while I moved the soil.

Didn't harvest anything this month, although there are plans for some serious marmalade making in the coming weeks.

I'm off to Vanautu in the morning for a week's holiday and when I'm back I'll be sowing some heirloom seedlings and I might even buy a few punnets of seedlings to kick things off in the beds I've finished. I'll get another load of soil and finish that part of the job too. The watering system is also on my target list - it needs a major revamp and I'll add to it with the fancy new manifold like unit I bought this month. That way I can control the watering to sections of the garden.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Those stupid little birds that I just happened to raise from when they were just one day old are so dumb, they have forgotten where they live... for a week...

This is the last photo I got of them (while they were shitting all over my deck) sitting out of the rain.

I won't miss the noise (it was only beginning from all accounts), the poo - seriously how much shitting can 5 little birds do, and the house invasions (don't ever leave the door open).

I hope they enjoyed the first 3 months...

On a positive note (for some who may find it amusing), Guinness has taken up singing lessons and is quite happy to stand on the hill next to the house (right outside our bedroom window) and bray verbosely to the valley at sunrise. He also pumps out a little ditty when I get home, just in case I've forgotten he's there... [great]

Knowing my luck, those stupid birds will be back in the morning...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All creatures great and small

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals) will be hosting Cupcake Day on 19 August here in Australia to encourage people (like me) to promote their worthy cause and get people (like you) to donate money. I've committed to fundraising $1,000 on behalf of my two rescue donkeys, Guinness and Irwin.

If you click on this link and donate, I'll not only make friggin' cupcakes for the guys at work but promise to provide an ongoing diary of the donkey's adventures during the fundraising period for your personal entertainment.

Both of my donkeys have very sad stories to tell before they were rescued.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Houston, the eggs have landed!

Since the post cyclone storms we had in January that caused all sorts of havoc at our place (refer previous posts), the chooker moles haven't laid a single egg between the 11 of them!

I've sworn at them, over fed them, under fed them, laid an axe on the chooker mole palace - all to no avail.

So, you can imagine my delight yesterday morning when I discovered not one but three eggs! The girls are back on - woo hoo! MOTH is particularly happy because he sells them at work and the proceeds fund his caffeine habit.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

When you live in the country

Firstly I have to thank my friend, Joan for sharing this sign with me.

It reminds me of when our city friends come to visit and they see something they weren't expecting like a steep walk up or down a hill (no shit Sherlock, we live at Clear MOUNTAIN), native animals, where eggs really come from (LOL), or poo - we have lots of this.

Nothing tickles my fancy more than things like this - it's a country thing...