Sunday, 4 January 2015

Terrier-ism hits UpsideDownimal Farm

Several years ago when MOTH and I were considering properties to buy we also discussed in detail what breed of dog would suit to keep Baillie (Dogue de Bordeaux) company. So we decided on a Jack Russell Terrirer, known for their big-dog-in-small-body attitude to life.

Then we bought Roman, the mentally challenged Dogue de Bordeaux - he really is handsome. Roman is, without a doubt, a small white fluffy dog in a giant red dog body. Matter of fact, he just now got stuck in the stock yard fence as I was typing this - true story!

Anyway, the time has come where Baillie is entering her senior years and has significantly slowed down over the past few months. She is healthy but nine is very old for a Dogue. 

Dilemma - let Roman teach a new puppy/dog the local tricks or get a new puppy now? The answer was pretty obvious. So, introducing MOTH's Christmas present, Bella...

Since joining us TWO LONG WEEKS AGO she has taken over! We love her to bits and she was very young (7.5 weeks) when we got her but man oh man, she's got UpsidedDownimal Farm sorted!

Max the Manx, who suffered a snake bite Christmas Eve has now worked out what's it all about and realising in a heavy duty play toy. They love each other. [sorry, couldn't upload video]

The Dogues are very patient and don't really like being barked at in their faces (nor do I - and my hearing isn't what it used to be two long weeks ago) but they are very patient.

Mo√ęt, the princess cat, kinda likes her cause she's a baby but also does not hesitate to give her a quick swat.

MOTH is totally besotted in his baby girl and she can do no wrong (although I have started to broach the suggestion that she really might be a terrorist)...

So, she slept on the bed for the first week or so. And with a 2am and/or 5am trot outside for a quick wee, everything had been fine. Then we introduced the concept of sleeping in your own bloody bed - did not go down so well. But I learnt that I can apparently sleep through anything - MOTH, not so much... Last night he weakened and at 4.45am I was woken from my deep slumber by a pull on the ponytail by Miss Bella. I didn't let her on the bed - just sayin'

We have a cunning plan to keep her safe when we return back to work but nothing under .5m may ever be the same in our house again. Antique rug has been put into storage.

No news on poor Irwin, which leads us to think he was more than likely stolen. It's been really sad, especially since Guinness has taken up opera singing... The whole valley is also now really sad. Who knew donkeys were that loud? Have started looking for a new friend for Guinness but it's slim pickings this time of year and I would rather put the effort into restoring a rescue donkey's soul and faith in humans than just go out and buy a new one.

Anyway, happy new year to you all. Let me know what your plans and dreams are for 2015. I think I might write a book!