The Chooker Moles

Louise (cause Geez Louise, you're a big chicken)
Everyone should get chickens at least once in their lives. They are the ultimate sustainability machines. They eat your scraps, produce fresh eggs (not like the shop ones) and keep down the lawn grubs and bugs around the place.

They also give Max the cat something to do (he loves them).

Max and his chooker moles
We've gone through a few over the years... eagle attacks, fax attacks, Harley attacks (another reason Harley is no longer with us), old age, leaving home for no apparent reason, the list goes on. But we've generally had around 6 - 8 chooker moles.

With the recent construction of the Chooker Mole Palace, we currently have 11 moles. And not one of them is laying eggs at the moment (another blog for another day).

The Chooker Mole Palace was made from recycled stuff on a swingset frame and even had a crystal chandelier inside.

Lulubell (slightly demented after having survived an eagle attack a few years ago - she was too heavy for the eagle to carry away)