Sunday, 20 December 2015

Sunday in Australia

I think Roman has melted

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Photographer comes to Upsidownimal Farm

The awesome Nadine Andersen of Nadine Andersen Photography popped in for a few photos and a lamb roast yesterday. She was keen to capture some of the antics at our little farm (the chooker moles didn't want to participate). And of course, the animals were all ready to participate (except Moet, who hates cuddles). Here's some of the action - can you spot the supermodel?

No, Mum, dooonnnn't cuddle me...

Max was a bit keener

We tried to get them to sit up for a photo but, you know what they say - never work with kids or animals

Beautiful Baillie. She's nearly 9 years old and has definitely taken on the role of Nanna.

Roman demonstrating why it's called Upsidownimal Farm

Cheeky little Bella

Handsome Caruso will be 2 in January, he's such a smoothie boy (loves cuddles)

What? Carrot peelings for us? Cooool.

Num num num

Bella seem to have this photography thing down pat

Happy donkeys

You saw a what? Where?

Will model for treats

And smile...