Friday, 21 August 2015

A note from the Terrorist

Mum's been so slack with her bloggy thing, I thought I'd have a crack at it.
Hi, I'm Bella. My mum calls me a Terrorist but really I’m a Jack Russell Terrier. I’m only 8 months old and, yes, I’ve been adorable my whole life. My doggie brother, Roman, and sister, Baillie, are both Dogue de Bordeaux and weigh about 60kg each. But I’m bigger than they’ll ever be.
I love playing with Max the cat and the big dogs and gardening, with my specialty being digging up Dad’s lawn. I’m very good at chasing chickens and Mum doesn’t like it when I catch them and try to make them run again (don’t think the chickens like it much either). 
She took me to something called Dog Obedience a few times where I got to meet heaps of other big dogs like me (Bentley the Saint Bernard was my boyfriend) and she gave me lots of treats when I did things she wanted. That doesn’t happen any more – she said I was too smart for my own good (whatever that means).
Ciao, love Bella. x