Growing stuff

There are many trials and errors in growing things on this property. The weather from the west literally splits around the back of the ridge that protects us from some fierce storms and creates a kind of micro climate.

We grow lots of herbs successfully, fruit trees seem to work well (wild and planted ones) but I have had limited success with veges.

I've grown many from heritage seedlings that I painstakingly nurture (rats and bandicoots are a problem), some with success, others, well pathetic.

Some of the more unusual crops I have had success with include rhubarb, ginger, galangal, lemongrass, tomatoes (all year round), garlic, chillis (OMG - chillis everywhere), asparagus, strawberries, did I mention tomatoes and heaps of different kinds of herbs.

Fruits of our labour

Wild guava from a couple of trees I found on the property makes awesome chutney
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