Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sleep ins are over rated

So it's the eve of our first weekend with no kids, no soccer, no rugby, no appointments, and all I can think of is a sleep in on Saturday morning. We caught up with some friends after work at the local pub (Samford) and had a great steak before we headed home. Fed the animals, watched a bit of TV and went to bed. Aaahhhh, my favourite place in the world - under my big fluffy doona (OK, it was too hot for the doona but you get the picture). Then, a few hours later to add to the ambiance, the rain starts on the tin roof... ahhhhh, look out sleep in here I come.

Fast forward to 7.30am and I peep with one eye to my watch. MOTH must have seen me do it and asked the time. I muttered 7.30 and refused to wake up. He gets up, I doze back to sleep. "There's a donkey on the lawn". (Yeah and I'm swimming in the pool we don't own in my dream). "Guinness is running across the lawn, he's coming up the driveway". Shit, I'm awake and I'm standing up already and putting my glasses on. Thongs on and I head out to WTF is going on. Guinness meets me at the front door, literally. He is freaked out and has red mud all over his nose. But he won't let me touch him, no matter what I do (soothing voice, etc.) but he doesn't want me out of his sight. He is stressed. (This is NOT how I had imagined my sleep in.)

Half an hour, an apple and some chaff and molasses, he's back behind the white tape.

A quick inspection of the fence suggests he was chased out by something through the tape but didn't break it. There were a heap of little donkey hoof marks on the outside of the fence where he has run around randomly and skidded to a holt several times. I have no idea what happened to him but he was freaked out.

He has calmed down now and is in the stockyards with Irwin. MOTH has made me a coffee and I'm now sitting in bed on my laptop. Oh well sleep in, there's always tomorrow...

PS Happy St Pats Day everyone!