Sunday, 25 March 2012

Out of little things big things grow - Part II

Thought I'd better pop up a progress report on the seedlings.

Heirloom seedlings at two weeks
They have been growing well, well most of them have. It's a bit hard to ensure that some get enough and some not too much water when you have multiple plant types in the same seedling tray. So, I think I will lose a few.

At three weeks they're starting to thicken up
The lettuce is ready for the garden now (middle tray at the back). I know they look really small but if you leave them any longer they get all spindly and tend to stay that way. Nothing worse than flimsy lettuce!

And the tray at the back is going gangbusters. If I could only remember what it is (it was the only tray I didn't label)... I think it's coriander so will plant it out today as well as see what happens. I must have liked it to have planted so much of it!

Then later today I'm going to start on the tomato plants. I have several varieties that I plant but usually stick to the medium sized ones as the bigger ones tend to split when they are ripening. We grow a lot of tomatoes and they taste soooo much better than any shop variety - especially with chooker mole eggies!

I have also bought a vanilla plant this week online and am going to have a crack at growing vanilla. It's an orchid and grows like a vine. Apparently you have to let it grow about 25 feet before it will flower. Then you have to pollinate it and taaa daaa - vanilla pods! MOTH will love this for his cooking. Hmmm, fresh eggs AND home grown vanilla. I can feel a cake or two coming on.

Anyway, had better get cracking. It's the first weekend in weeks that it hasn't rained so I'm off to poison some grass and weeds.