Saturday, 15 March 2014

The comings and goings of Clear Mountain

Life has been pretty busy the past few months and my blogging has suffered.

We've had some new editions to the farm like Red Rooster, rescued from the local vet after he was found dumped. He's settled in really well and is quite taken with his 9 new girlfriends. Interestingly they are now wandering further from the house with him looking after them.

Unfortunately it hasn't stopped the chooker moles from laying eggs wherever they want.

On the goings front, the butcher has been booked for SirLoin. I'm no longer posting photos of his face because the backlash is too much. Seriously, some people really think meat comes from a supermarket. He was bought for meat and that's where he's going - into my new chest freezer.

I suppose the lesson to be learnt is make sure the next one is ugly.

He's also done the rounds of the valley this week, introducing himself to all of the neighbours - which hasn't helped with my plans for his destiny. He's currently bunking up with the neighbours Friesian steer for a few weeks until D day because he has no respect for the electric fences at our place.

The donkeys are happy. Am sure they would like a bit more grass at the moment (it's so dry) but with SirLoin taking leave, hopefully the competition will be a little less.

There's been another little miracle arrival - not here but at my friend's place - a miniature colt, 6 weeks premmie. Called Dumbledore, cause he was a Dummy Foal and is (according to the vet nurses) adorable, he's managed to struggle through the first three weeks of his life thus far.

Dumbles, as he's now known, has splints on his legs because his kneecaps haven't formed yet. He obviously has quite a few other internal organs that aren't also 100% functioning but he's such a little trouper. He was only 7kg when born and rides around in the passenger footwell of his mums car.

Anyway, gotta' get cracking - there's lots to do today. Hope you have a great day.