Saturday, 15 February 2014

Ying and Yang

One of my work colleagues this week learned of my farming, firefighting and gardening antics. He turned to me with a look of amazement and said, "You really are a ying and yang package, aren't you". This made me think a little and, as I try and work out how I'm going to sit my truck drivers test on Monday morning on my way to work WTF I'M GOING TO WEAR?

I work in the IT industry and am currently working for a global mining and construction company. By day I wear suits, dresses, makeup, blow dry my hair (most of the time) and heels. By weekend (and much to the distress of some of my friends) I generally don't brush my hair, wear boots, jeans and mostly a wife beater singlet during the day while I work around the property. I fix fences, dig gardens, spray weeds, care for 21 animals, have many great ideas and actually get to do a few. The guys from the fire brigade only ever see me with my hair stuck by sweat against my head, in super sexy baggy high vis yellow pants and a (hideous) green (usually) smelly shirt. 

I suppose I really am ying/yang.

You know what - I wouldn't change it for the world!