Monday, 2 September 2013

Spring has sprung

It's time again for my monthly blog as part of the Garden Share Collective I'm participating in.

What I'm planting
Last month I had the best intentions of planting up some of my heritage seeds - hasn't happened yet but I did pop down to Bunnings and buy a heap of seedlings instead so I had something to report on.

These are little pumpkin things I found at Bunnings. Looked like mini pumpkins. Should have kept the tag.

My rhubarb is not well, I don't think it liked our mild winter at all.

I've also taken on a couple of new projects - a new garden bed and the building of the man shed. Whilst the earthmoving equipment was here, I took advantage and ripped out a huge golden cane and a few other large plants and now have a wonderful new garden to plan and plant.

This is where the man shed is going to be. It has a sandstone retaining wall around it. I'm thinking big - a 3.5 bay shed with an extra bay on the end for storing wood and the tractor.

 The first thing I've planted in it is a new breed of plant, looks a lot like a chicken...

This new garden bed also has its own security...

 I also did a bit of lawn moving last weekend...

And again yesterday up by the house...

What I've harvested
The first roses of the season came out last week, they were beautiful (wish you could smell photos)

Lots of lemons and oranges. MOTH made me a Harvey Wallbanger with fresh oranges one Sunday afternoon when I was in the garden (that was the end of my gardening that day). Picked a paw paw yesterday, am looking forward to that soon. And the chooker moles are back laying eggs again with a vengeance, we're getting up to 10 a day. Only trouble is finding them all.

And, as always, there's chillis galore.

Jobs for the month
I think I've pretty much got my work cut out for me this month.

We have also had more repairs done to the landslide from hell (directly behind our house). So, I have lots more planting to do up on the slope.

My dwarf lemon tree is flowering like I've never seen. The little native bees are all over it so it looks promising for a bumper crop.

And my kaffir lime is also producing its new growth (the new leaves are an interesting shiny black) and the flowers are already turning into fruit as soon as the open up.

I'm also training Max the cat in showjumping. This is him mid air, jumping a 600mm high fence. I'm sure it's only a matter of time that they have a cat section at the Grand Nationals.

As part of my companion planting routine, I plant a number of flowers around the vege gardens This little native violet is more for looks, but it's just so pretty. It grows so well, I have to keep pulling it out.

Lastly, I am at war with my sprinkler system. It has lost pressure somewhere and I am slowly going through it to find the reason. My next step is to rip it up [sigh].

Plenty to do...