Sunday, 24 March 2013

MOTH - the dealer

MOTH works in an office with lots of young, Gen Y, beautiful people who, well, aren't necessarily very practical people. But they really want to be and MOTH has identified a niche opportunity in this space.

Known for his culinary skills as a wonderful cook, MOTH regularly takes home made left overs to work (like his curries that he makes from scratch - herbs from the garden stuff) and takes great personal delight in sharing the wafting aromas of his dishes with others in the lunchroom. He is often asked for recipes and treats this like, well I can only describe it like a fisherman who has spotted a brown trout and teases it with the fly until it is caught. You see, MOTH is slowly setting out to teach a man to fish.

He has a book that he records his favourite recipes in. I've managed to capture some to share with you.

Made from wild guava we found growing on our property a few years ago
Free range eggs are the secret to this recipe
Now to the crux of this story... MOTH sells the eggs I collect from the chooker moles to his work colleagues for $5 a dozen. This (as previously mentioned) funds his caffiene habit. And with the recently constructed chooker mole palace, we are now able to increase our flock. So 5 moles is now 11 moles and MOTH's supply has just doubled.

So, he has started to introduce recipes to the egg recipients, effectively getting them hooked like a cocaine addict!

Now they are much nicer than the ones you buy in the shops. The moles get to roam free every day, scratching around in the bush litter and keeping our lawns free of grubs. So, their eggs are big and the yolks are bright orange, not yellow.

One girl even told him recently (and was very chuffed with herself) that she had learnt to poach and egg but she had tried on a store bought one before trying it on one of his eggs.

My prediction is our eggs will be $10 a dozen by Christmas!

PS   Spot the 3 chooker moles in this picture...