Monday, 11 June 2012

Another weekend in paradise

These guys were keeping watch of everything happening in our orchard this morning. They were there for ages.

You can definitely tell that winter is here, it's been down to single figures at night. MOTH and I moved the remainder of the firewood stack onto a covered trailer so that it will dry out. Can't light a fire with wet wood. There is absolutely no way I would moved that pile in spring or summer time - snake haven. Now with the wood stack gone from the entrance gate to our house, I took the opportunity to plan three olive trees in a line. They hedge really well and don't mind the full sun. In a few years time, we should have olives to marinate - yum.

Also bought a Kumquat tree this morning and another Kaffar Lime. The other one isn't doing very well and looks like it's on its last legs. I planted the Kumquat in a small circular garden bed surrounded by rocks at the bottom of the stairs outside. I'll style it into a topiary tree as it grows. I surrounded it with a group of deep red geraniums - looks just like a gardening show has popped over for a quick makeover session. I suppose that's the difference between instant, showy gardens and ones like mine - where it simply takes ages to grow. (Am showing my lack of patience with winter and plants slowing their growth. I can't even plant anything in the vege patch cause it will only drown or die.)

Am now trapped inside by more rain and wondering how I'm going to deal with an afternoon in da' house...