Friday, 18 April 2014

Four days off and I feel another list coming on...

I'm a compulsive list writer. If I don't I get easily distracted and don't achieve my goals. And there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off a list.

So, I've got four whole days to get some things done around the place and I can't wait - that is as soon as I've written my list.

I want to finish my new garden bed this weekend. That'll involve several tasks...

And we have a film crew coming on Thursday to do a story on the donkeys so I'll have to tidy up that section of the yard. That'll involve several tasks...

Then there's the usual stuff cleaning, washing, tidying house stuff - more tasks...

In between all of that there's some animals that need tending, feeding, groomed, etc. - lots of tasks here...

Oh, and did I mention I get easily distracted?

See why I need a list!

1. Pull out nut grass
2. Fix watering system
3. Tidy under stairs area
4. Move paint tins to shed
5. Move water trailer
6. Water all the animals
7. Clean out chook shed
8. Move palm fronds out of garden
9. Lay bricks in centre feature on new path
10. Move compost heap (maybe leave the one for next weekend)
11. Mow lawns
12. Fix fence around new garden and make wee entry gates
13.  Get a load of crusher dust for donkey stall
14. Get a load of deco to finish paths with
15. Plant kafir lime tree
16. Return empty seedling pots to Dean's nursery
17. Install new sprinkler system in new garden (next weekend?)
18. Chop down banana tree
19. Move firewood from orchard
20. Stack hay off trailer so I can do items 18, 13, 14 and 10
21. Hose out donkey stall and downstairs patio
22. Buy and plant something yummy in bottom garden bed (tomatoes, basil and marigolds?)
23. Plant heritage seeds in trays
24. Plant pumpkin seeds
25. Spray weeds

There, feel better already... Now off I go...