Sunday, 28 April 2013

What do you mean my ass is looking a bit big?

Irwin living it up at the neighbours
My darling boys have been on greener pastures since the January storms hit Clear Mountain, enjoying some of our neighbours fresh grass while we struggle to repair fences, cut up fallen trees, and make their paddock safe again.

Because of the weather this season, we have only recently been able to get into the paddock to cut the grass, which was about 5 foot high by the time the steep slopes had dried out. It's a really, really steep block. Luckily, I have a mate who has a remote controlled chopping machine that cuts grass/mulch on angles of up to 55 degrees (just Google Remote Vegetation Management).

Anyway, the boys have been - shall we say - living it up a little and have developed some donkey love handles...

Guinness, "Who you calling fat?"
I've been sick for the past few weeks and haven't been able to get down into the paddock to whipper snip, spray and chainsaw trees from the fencelines. Thankfully, MOTH had a good crack at it last weekend and we're well on the way to having our boys home again soon. 

They'll be keen to get back before winter creeps in so they can be rugged every night (in their hot pink rugs LOL).

It breaks my heart when I leave them and they chase be down the fence line, braying at me. But I do wonder, it is me or the horse liquorice they're chasing?