Saturday, 16 February 2013

UNDER CONSTRUCTION new chooker mole palace

The chooker moles have had it pretty good for the past few years in their (free from neighbour, made in China, came with Chinese instructions, constructed by MOTH and son with spare parts left over) chooker mole palace. Apart from the odd python and the loss of a couple of the girls, it has served them well.

The chooker mole palace in early days being inspected by the donkeys (actually they were trying to get in and steal the chook food)
But time and the Queensland weather has taken its toll.

Didn't think it would make through the Xmas storm season in 2012  but it did...
Then TC Oswald came along and gave us all a good pounding. But the chooker mole palace did not fall down (well not all of it anyway).

Ceiling modifications made by MOTH got the chooker mole palace through TC Oswald, albeit it no longer water proof
So, more heavy rain today and the girls are DESPERATE for a dry house to live in.

Following an idea I got to build a new choker mole palace out of an old swing set, I set about buying bits and pieces on ebay and at the local scrap yard late last year.

We started this construction project in December but have had to put it on hold for either searing temperatures, howling winds or heavy rain. Today, we got back into it and have made some good progress.

The new chooker mole palace under construction
This palace will have all of the mod cons, including this chandelier that I reconstructed from a couple of ebay purchases. I've also bought some lovely hand carved wood panels for extra decoration.

Every chooker mole palace should have a chandelier
Unfortunately my favourite mole disappeared during the week, so now we only have 5. The move into the new digs might be a good time to introduce some more. MOTH is desperate for more eggs to sell at work (this story is a post on its own - coming soon).

Funny, I'm the one that feeds them, looks after them and buys their feed... such is life (and I wouldn't change a minute of it!)