Sunday, 1 July 2012

I'm sooo brave

Today I moved the electric fence for the donkeys so that they could have some more fresh grass. Tall grass... some as tall as me (I'm tall for a chick)... and all by myself. It was completely snake country and I was sooo brave. I know it's winter but I also know they are about. I saw one last weekend (a flat version) on the driveway. Even if I had seen one or - even worse - been attacked by one, the ground was so steep that I wouldn't have been able to have run anyway.

But I have a secret plan against Sid (and all of his legless mates)... chooker moles!

This is Lulubell and Black Chook (not to be confused with the other black chook called Louise Lambshanks). They are trained killers... never underestimate the pack hunting capabilities of a pack of chooker moles...