Saturday, 2 January 2016

Helping mum

Hi guys, it's Bella here. Thought I'd write up a quick bloggy thing for Granny and Pop in Wales so the can see how fabulously helpful I've been.

Mum bought a trailer load of dirt today for the paths of her vegie gardens. Dad's been helping with some brick edges cause Mum has had a sore elbow for a few months now - apparently it's something to do with tennis (not that she plays it).

First I had to wake up Roman to help (grabbed his tail for some attention)
Roman and I were ready to help out...

Roman didn't really want to help but man, he was keen on staying on the trailer (Mum had to unload around his big fat a**)

To finish off the garden, we needed a few more bricks... I had it covered.

Then we cleared some old palm fronds and put them in the burn pile.

A quick drive in Mum's ute and we were basically done.

Mum was really impressed except when I jumped out of the trailer to chase Pussy Galore, the chooker mole. (She taunts me)

I love helping out in the garden...